Introducing U-Turn 

For Students 6th-12th Grade

U-Turn meets at The Journey every Wednesday night at 6:45pm! Come join us for a great time as we have fun together, meet new people, enjoy a quality time of live music, and a short talk/discussion about issues that are relevant to the lives of teens!  We have a cool hang-out place – and no matter who you are – you will be welcomed and embraced here!

U-Turn also meets every other Sunday morning right after the music segment of the main service! Here they spend time exploring how the timeless truths of the Bible can make a positive difference in their everyday lives today.

Alternate Sundays - the students have the opportunity to explore their gifts and passions by serving others in areas like our Music Team, The Journey Kids Team, the First Impressions Team, the A/V Team and more! We believe that youth matter today – and that they can make a difference today!

Also, be sure to watch for upcoming special events like concerts, camps, game nights, and opportunities to reach out and serve the community!

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